Pippin Kenworthy is a talented composer, guitarist, producer and sound engineer from Perth, Australia. The music Pippin writes does not fit easily into a single style or genre. Many great musicians work with him in order to challenge their talents.


Pippin’s life became intrinsically entangled with music when he got a guitar for his fourteenth birthday and formed a band with his school friends called Planet Fish. Since that pivotal moment, he has been using almost all of his energy composing, playing and recording music. His creations are ambitious, inventive and often impossible to categorize. Anyone who’s ever worked with Pippin knows the true meaning of contagious enthusiasm.


Pippin’s innovation and willingness to break the rules is built on a firm grounding in the theory and practice of musical composition, both classical and avant-garde. And he holds an Honours Degree in classical composition from WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts).

By writing and performing for a forever-growing number of rock and funk bands Pippin developed his love for big, rich sound and his ability to compose complex and subtle music for large and small ensembles.


Pippin’s desire to challenge the accepted boundary between classical and popular music has led him over the last 10 years, to compose, direct and perform music for many big bands such as: the 'New Orleans style' Chameleon Brass Band; the ten-piece Afro-Funk Ensemble, Z-Team; and Junkadelic Brass Band.


His much acclaimed, 20-piece, Doggox Art Orchestra has been well received, not only because of the quality of the compositions it has played, but also because some of the best Western Australian musicians have so willingly and generously given their time and talent to rehearsals and performance.


Pippin’s talent for ingenious composition combined with his unique ability to motivate, challenge and excite large groups of musicians has given rise to some of the most ambitious and technically difficult performances. Performances, where the abilities and the interactions of the musicians are utilised to the fullest through the compositions written specifically for these very differently constructed and differently talented groups.


His magical String Quartets have accompanied music by performers such as French Canadian chanteuse, Natasha Bouchard or the Australian jazz harpist, Michelle Smith. His mesmerizing composition was adapted as soundtrack to City of Perth commissioned animation - Bunny Cakes.


More recently, Pippin has also composed music for ABC, SBS and festival films and television programs. He runs a sound studio and works as an audio engineer to produce his own work, as well as the work of other musicians.


There is no area of music Pippin is not willing to investigate; no style of composition he is not ready to engage with and extend. Above all, the music he writes and directs is sure to lead the musicians who work with him to the extreme edge of their capacities.


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