Art in the Wasteland is an energetic performance in three Acts, dealing with the Death of Art and its resurrection from the dead as a postmodernist commodity. The piece uses alternative notations, poly-metric textures, and a variety alternative control mechanisms and was performed in conjunction with voiceovers (live narration), print and non-print visuals, a set of cards (each with a specific instruction), two computers running Max/MSP, and dramatic action.


The text is constructed from a lose narrative, starring the anti-hero Art Omega Fields, and a set of poems. The poems are created using William S. Burroughs approach of collaging existing text excerpts together to form new narratives, loaded with historical connotations.


The animation, which was made and VJ-ed live by Aśka, features special guest appearances from Theodor W. Adorno, Arnold Schoenberg, William S. Burroughs, Marquis de Sade, Marcel Duchamp, the Beatles, Edgard Varèse, William Shakespeare and the many giants of the Art world.


Positive Certain Factual Evidence performed live by the Doggox Art Orchestra.

Doggox Art Orchestra was formed in 2002 by brothers Nick and Pippin Kenworthy who have more than 25 years combined musical experience.


The 20 piece ensemble is made up of Western Australia's premier musicians playing brass, wood-wind, strings, guitar, bass, drums and percussion tied together with operatic female and funk rock male vocals.


Doggox combines an extensive range of musical styles to create technically challenging yet soulfully entertaining compositions. The band members are ready, willing and able to push the limits of form and break the boundaries of style. Musicians are included from many musical backgrounds in order to maximize the potential for stylistic diversity.


The music pushes the boundaries of how music is written and played whilst exploring many contemporary themes. The works conform to musical structures whilst embracing the freedom of jazz improvisation, which is why the music has such a feel good vibe and a lot of soul.



An instrumental, comic opera, played live to an animation - COMING SOON.


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On a macro level, this piece spans seven months of the year and is based on the breeding patterns of frog, cricket and bird species. It is presented in a time-lapse audio fashion, where each day is compressed into one second.


On the micro level, the piece is an interpretation of nature. In some instances the calls are transcribed into standard musical notation for an ensemble. In other cases the transcriptions of the calls display game-like dynamics.


The musicians divide into smaller ensembles to perform various transcriptions. Depending on the call they must switch between playing in sync with one of the tempos and playing non-metrically.


Time in this movement is measured in seconds, in months (June to December) and in three simultaneous tempos. The piece is polyrhythmic and non-metrical and also involves free tempos.


The surround-sound effect positioning of the performers and the extremes to which the instruments are pushed to imitate the calls, submerge the audience in the natural cycles of the not quite predictable natural world.